A Closer Look at the Different Types of Content Used in Content Marketing


Content marketing is a way of connecting with customers, prospects, and influencers that includes creating relevant content and distributing it across different channels. The goal of content marketing is to establish thought leadership in your industry and build trust with your audience.

00:05 A Closer Look at the Different Types of Content Used in Content Marketing
00:29 What is Owned Media?
00:46 What is Earned Media?
01:07 What is Paid Media?
01:43 Promotional Content and its Purpose
02:01 Informative Content and its Purpose
02:20 Transactional Content and its Purpose

There are three main types of content: owned media, earned media, and paid media.

To begin, owned media refers to any kind of content you create yourself. This could include blog posts, videos, images, or infographics. You own the rights to this content and can control how it’s shared and where it’s hosted.

Next, let’s talk about earned media. Earned media refers to any kind of coverage that others give you without paying for it. This could be mentioned on blogs or podcasts, reviews from other publications, or mentions from industry influencers like thought leaders or celebrities who promote products on social media.

Lastly, paid media is any form of advertising like banner ads or video ads that appear on third-party websites or apps like Facebook or Instagram. Paid media is likely the most common and most used type of content in content marketing.

Moving forward, there are also different classifications of content when we talk about content marketing. These classifications include promotional content, informative content, and transactional content. Each classification varies greatly in purpose or goal for your product or service.

For starters, let’s begin with promotional content. Promotional content is designed to sell a product or service, and it’s usually the most straightforward type of content. For example, a company might create an infographic that explains how their product works.

Secondly, let’s discuss informative content. Informative content is designed to bring awareness to a brand or product. It’s usually more educational than promotional. For example, a company might create a blog post about the benefits of using their product.

Thirdly, we have transactional content. Transactional content is designed to help people take action after reading or watching the content. Transactional content often includes “call-to-action” buttons that direct visitors toward buying something, signing up for something, etc. Furthermore, they can be informative and entertaining, but they’re not usually intended as promotional tools.

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