Black Hat Link Building – Understanding What Black Hat Means


Black hat link building is one of the most common and harmful SEO practices because it involves creating links to your website that are not natural or earned. When you earn a link, you’ve done something to deserve it, like writing a great article or providing a useful service.

00:05 Black Hat Link Building: Understanding What Black Hat Means
00:23 What is Black Hat Link Building and How Does it Work?
01:10 Why are Links Gained Through Black Hat Tactics Dangerous?
01:42 Examples of Black Hat Practices

In contrast, when you buy links or get them from other sites in exchange for money or favors, they’re not earned and can cause problems with your online reputation. For example, if someone finds out that you bought links from a site that sells them, they might think you’re trying to trick people into visiting your site and give up on it entirely. That’s why black hat link building can be so damaging to your SEO efforts. It makes people less likely to trust you and visit your site!

Simply put, black hat link building is a process that involves the manipulation of search engine rankings by creating links to your website. The goal is to rank highly in search results without following Google’s guidelines for building high-quality websites and avoiding spammy tactics.

Additionally, links that are obtained through black hat strategies are harmful to your SEO because they may be one of the following:

Unnatural, meaning they don’t fit with the rest of your content and may look unnatural to Google’s algorithms.
Low quality, meaning they’re not going to benefit your business in any way.
Dirty, meaning they could lead people who click on them to potentially harmful sites or content.

Some examples of black hat practices include:

Content farms
This is the practice of creating low-quality content in order to attract links. The content may be plagiarized, or it may be unique but includes keywords in an attempt to get ranked in search engines.

Directory farms
This is the practice of creating a large number of web pages on a single domain with the sole purpose of attracting links. These pages are often spammy in nature and contain little or no original content, but they may have hundreds or thousands of links pointing at them from other sites on the web.

Cloaking involves hiding links to your site from human visitors but showing them to bots that search engines use for crawling and indexing content on sites. That way, they can show it when someone searches for related terms on SERPs.

Keep your SEO efforts clean and natural by avoiding black hat link building practices.
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