Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed by Controlling Your Bandwidth


Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed by Controlling Your Bandwidth

00:29 How to Control Bandwidth in Windows
01:09 How to Control Bandwidth in Macs

Yes, controlling bandwidth can help speed up your internet.

The reason for this is that when you’re using a lot of bandwidth, it’s like there is more traffic on the road than usual. The road gets crowded and slows down.

By limiting the amount of data that can go through your connection at once, you can make sure that your connection isn’t overwhelmed by data—and therefore it doesn’t have to slow down as much to deal with it.

First, if you’re using Windows, head over to “My Computer” (or just “Computer” on some machines) and right-click on your network connection icon. Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu, then click on the “Advanced…” button. In here, you’ll see an option called “Bandwidth Limit”. Check this box and type in what percentage of your bandwidth should be allotted for downloads/uploads. Then click OK!

That’s all there is to it! You’ve now set up a rule for how much bandwidth each device on your network will use when downloading or uploading data—so now everyone will have their fair share of the internet’s resources without slowing down everyone else’s connections too much!

The best way to control bandwidth on a Mac is to use the Network Preferences panel.

Once you have opened the Network Preferences panel, select your network from the list of available networks and click “Advanced.” This will open up a new window that allows you to change how much bandwidth is used by your computer.

You will see two options at the top of this window: Maximum Bandwidth and Automatic Bandwidth. The first option lets you choose how much bandwidth each device on your network uses. The second option simply tells OSX how much bandwidth should be allocated automatically without user intervention (this may not always work as desired).

Finally, click “OK” at the bottom of this window and then close out of System Preferences entirely before restarting your computer for changes to take effect!

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