Businesses That Employ Successful Content Marketing Strategies


If you’re new to the game and are in the process of crafting your own content marketing strategy, there are a lot of areas you can look to for inspiration. You don’t need to struggle with the arduous process of crafting a marketing strategy from scratch. In this video, we’ll talk about existing businesses that have already created and employed successful content marketing strategies.

00:30 Coca-Cola’s a Great Example of a Business That Has Been Employing Successful Content Marketing Strategies
01:03 Another Great Example is Patagonia
01:33 Other Examples of Businesses That Have Effective Content Marketing Strategies

When you’re looking for some examples of existing businesses that have employed successful content marketing strategies, you can’t go wrong with Coca-Cola. They’ve been around since 1886, and their marketing strategy has always focused on telling stories and building relationships with their customers. They also recently launched a new app called “Coca-Cola Life” that allows users to scan QR codes on Coke bottles to get rewards. This is a great example of how they’re staying up-to-date with technology.

Another fantastic example of a company doing content marketing right is Patagonia. This outdoor clothing company uses the web to tell stories about its products, often in the form of videos or photos taken by customers themselves. Patagonia also focuses heavily on social media and encourages their followers to engage with each other online as well as in person at events like the annual Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Other examples of businesses with effective content marketing strategies are:

The New York Times’ use of the podcast “The Daily” to reach a younger audience. The podcast has been downloaded over one billion times since its inception.
Netflix’s development of their own shows and movies, which they then distribute on their platform. This creates a self-contained content ecosystem that makes it harder for competitors to compete with them.

Uber’s ability to market their ridesharing service as a more efficient way to get around town than owning a car, even though it’s technically not true since it’s actually more expensive. They’ve done this by developing partnerships with major cities so that they can offer discounts on rides within those cities in exchange for permission to operate there.

Airbnb’s ability to have made a name for themselves by creating content that’s relatable, funny, and empathetic. Their content is one of the best in the world at making people feel like they’re not just getting information but also connecting with someone who understands them.

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