Buy High PR DoFollow Backlinks – Should You or Shouldn’t You Buy DoFollow Backlinks


Once you understand what dofollow backlinks are and how important it is for those backlinks to come from high PR websites, you can decide whether to buy high PR dofollow backlinks.

00:05 Buy High PR DoFollow Backlinks: Should You or Shouldn’t You Buy DoFollow Backlinks?
00:43 What Constitutes Good DoFollow Backlinks?
01:06 What Constitutes Bad DoFollow Backlinks?
01:24 Paid DoFollow Backlinks Could Still be Good for Your Site
01:53 Reasons to Buy DoFollow Backlinks

High PR dofollow backlinks are a great way to improve your SEO rankings. These backlinks are generated by reputable websites, and they have a high PageRank (PR), which means that Google will consider them more relevant than a link from a website with a low PR.

Additionally, these dofollow backlinks can be either good or bad. It all depends on how they’re earned.

Firstly, good dofollow backlinks are earned by creating great content and earning mentions from other sites through guest blogging, social media outreach, and other organic methods that don’t involve buying links or using black hat tactics. These types of links help your site stand out from competitors because they show that you’ve been recognized by people who have expertise in your field.

On the other hand, bad dofollow backlinks are earned by buying links or using black hat tactics like link schemes or spammy blog comments, which we don’t recommend. These types of links can harm your SEO when Google sees them as unnatural and penalizes you for having them on your site.

Despite this, though, buying dofollow backlinks isn’t always a bad thing. This is true because If you buy dofollow backlinks from a reputable company, then there will be no problem at all. If you buy them from some random person who has nothing to do with SEO, however, then it will not work as well as it should because they don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t care about doing things right or getting results for their clients, which is why they would sell these links in the first place.

On top of that, there are two main reasons you may want to buy dofollow backlinks for your site:

If you’re trying to get more traffic from search engines, then buying dofollow backlinks can help boost your website’s rankings.
If you want to increase the number of people who click on links on your site, whether they’re coming from search engines or elsewhere, then buying dofollow backlinks is a good idea because it helps make those links more attractive to users and therefore more likely to get clicked on.

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