Cheap Backlinks – How Can Cheap Backlinks Harm Your SEO Efforts


Cheap backlinks are often low-quality. What’s more, they can harm your site in a variety of ways.

00:05 Cheap Backlinks: How Can Cheap Backlinks Harm Your SEO Efforts?
00:12 Cheap Backlinks Can Lead to Link Spam
01:00 Cheap Backlinks Can Make Your Site Look Spammy
01:20 Cheap Backlinks Can Bring You Lower-Quality Visitors
01:46 Cheap Backlinks Can Hurt Your Brand Image
01:57 Cheap Backlinks aren’t Always Easy to Remove

Like we said, cheap, low-quality backlinks are bad for your site and your SEO efforts in a number of ways. Most notably, they can lead to what’s called “link spam,” which is when other sites link to yours without any real connection to your content or brand.

This may seem like it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, if the links are there, then surely it’s helping you out. However, the problem lies in the fact that these spammy links aren’t really connecting you with other people or their content in any meaningful way. They’re just there because they want something from you: a Google ranking boost, or maybe an increase in traffic from Google searches.

If these kinds of sites link to you, it will hurt your credibility and make it harder for Google to determine what kind of page should rank for a given keyword.

Another way cheap backlinks can harm your efforts is by making your site look spammy to Google. If you have an unnatural number of backlinks from sites with low authority or high spam scores, it will make your website look like it’s trying to game the system. This can lead to penalties, which can lead to lost search engine traffic.

The third way cheap backlinks harm your SEO efforts is by bringing you lower quality visitors who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. When Google looks at links on other sites, it determines whether those links are good or bad based on the content that they’re linking to. If there are lots of low-quality sites linking to yours and they don’t share any keywords with your site, then they might not be helpful to users and may even be harmful.

Additionally, cheap backlinks can hurt your brand image. Backlinks from sites with poor reputations can make your own site look like it has a bad reputation too, and that won’t help you get visitors!

Finally, cheap backlinks aren’t always easy to remove once you’ve got them on your site. This can lead to more work later down the road when you want to remove them but can’t find them all easily enough the first time around.

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