Common Mistakes When Using Twitter for SEO


As we’ve mentioned, Twitter’s a great way to promote your business and get in front of new customers. However, if you’re not careful, your tweets can actually hurt your SEO!

00:04 Common Mistakes When Using Twitter for SEO
00:24 Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags
00:46 Be Sure to Link Back To Your Website or Blog Posts
01:20 Only Follow the Right People
01:46 Don’t Tweet Too Much, All at Once

Here are some common mistakes that people make, and that you should avoid when using Twitter for SEO:

The first on the list is not using hashtags. When you post on Twitter, make sure to include at least one hashtag in your tweet. This lets people searching for that topic find your post easily. It also helps you gain more followers because people will be able to see what you’re talking about when they search for the hashtag.

The second is not linking back to your website or blog posts. The reason why people use Twitter is usually because they want to learn more about something or find more information about something they’re interested in. If someone clicks on one of your links and finds no information there, then there’s a high chance that they’ll unfollow you. So, make sure to link back to your website or blog posts so users can find all the information they need from one source instead of having to go hunting for it on Google or other search engines.

The third common mistake people make is not following the right people. It’s tempting to follow lots of people on Twitter, but you don’t want to follow people who aren’t relevant to your business or industry. If you follow the right people, they’ll likely follow back and help spread the word about your brand. This also makes it easy for people in your niche to discover your business!

The last mistake you don’t want to commit is not tweeting enough. When using Twitter for your SEO efforts, you need to be precise when writing tweets. You should be tweeting at least once per day, and preferably more often than that. However, you need to be careful because if you tweet too much all at once, it’ll come across as spammy. We all know how Google dislikes spammy behavior, so if you don’t want to get penalized, don’t make this mistake.

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