Content Marketing is No Longer Just About Written Content


Content Marketing is No Longer Just About Written Content

00:04 Content Marketing is No Longer Just About Written Content
00:09 Different Types of Content You Can Create
01:10 Why Has Content Marketing Shifted From Written Content to Other Forms of Content?

Content marketing is a great way to reach new customers.

What’s more, there are many different types of content that you can use in your marketing efforts. The most common type of content is an article, which tells the story of your company and shows how it can help your customers. Articles are usually written by professional writers and published on blogs or websites.

Another common type of content is an infographic, which uses visual elements such as images and graphs to convey information quickly and easily. Infographics are usually shared on social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest.

You can also create videos for your blog or website. These may be short-form videos that explain how something works or long-form videos that show how someone uses your product or service in real-life situations.

Additionally, if you have products or services related to a particular niche, such as health care, then it might make sense for you to create podcasts related to that topic area too!

It’s true that in the past, content marketing solely focused on written or textual content. However, that’s no longer the case today. We’re seeing a shift in content marketing. It’s now more about creating various forms of content, such as videos and podcasts, that tell stories using human-sounding voices. This ties in with the goal of content marketing, which is to establish trust by being relatable, professional, and helpful.

Content marketing has shifted its focus to creating content that people want to share and engage with, whatever format it takes. You have to create content that’s engaging, useful, and entertaining, and then get the word out about it in a way that feels authentic to your brand.

Experts and professionals believe that video is one of the best ways to do this. It’s more engaging than text because of how we process information visually. It’s one of the most effective ways to build an audience because when people watch a video, they’re more likely to share it with their friends and followers than if you just posted it on social media.

Overall, this change can be attributed to the drastic change in our digital landscape. Consumers are now spending more time on mobile devices and social media, and customers are much more likely to interact with businesses that engage them in a meaningful way, whether it’s through text or video.

Try creating different types of content to see which one resonates most with your audience!
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