Cool Examples of Experiential Marketing


Cool Examples of Experiential Marketing

00:04 Cool Examples of Experiential Marketing
00:19 Intel Experience
00:45 Stratos by Redbull
01:17 Microsoft Windows 10
01:45 The Industrial Internet

Experiential marketing is a great way to connect with customers and get them excited about your product or service. There are all sorts of cool examples of experiential marketing out there, so here are just a few of our favorites.

One great example of experiential marketing is the “Intel Experience” that the company set up at the Super Bowl earlier this year. They created an interactive exhibit that let fans test their skills against NFL players like Russell Wilson and JJ Watt. This was a great way to not only promote Intel’s products, but also to create excitement and engagement around the Super Bowl itself.

Another great example is Red Bull’s “Stratos” project. In 2012, Red Bull sponsored an event in which skydiver Felix Baumgartner jumped from 24 miles above the earth’s surface and became the first person to break the sound barrier outside of an aircraft. This event was not only a huge thrill for Baumgartner himself, but it was also a massive publicity stunt for Red Bull. The resulting media coverage helped to solidify Red Bull as a premier brand in the energy drink category.

Microsoft has also gotten in on the experiential marketing game with their “Windows 10: The Next Chapter” global launch event. This event allowed fans to come and check out the new Windows 10 operating system, play games, and see demonstrations from various partners. By giving people a chance to experience the product firsthand, Microsoft was able to generate a lot of buzz and excitement around Windows 10 well before it was released.

One of our favorite examples of experiential marketing is GE’s “The Industrial Internet.” This campaign is designed to introduce people to GE’s industrial internet products and services, which range from sensors that can detect equipment failures before they happen to cloud-based data analytics platforms. GE has set up interactive exhibits across the country where people can learn more about these products and how they can help businesses become more efficient and productive.

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