Different Platforms to Use For Different Kinds of Content


A lot of people get confused when they’re trying to figure out where they should be posting their content. Should they post it on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat? Periscope? The truth is, you can post your content on all of these platforms, and on others as well. However, there are some platforms that are better for certain kinds of content than others.

00:05 Different Platforms to Use For Different Kinds of Content
00:56 For Video Content, YouTube’s a Great Platform to Use
01:16 For Photo Content, Instagram’s a Great Platform to Use
01:48 For Text Content, LinkedIn Pulse is a Great Platform to Use
02:07 For Audio Content, Soundcloud’s a Great Platform to Use

You might even want to create a new platform altogether, like a podcast or an online community where people can interact with one another around the topics that interest you most. So, how do you know where to start? The first step is figuring out what kind of content works best for each platform.

For video content, you can use YouTube. YouTube is a great place to put your video content marketing strategy because it’s one of the most widely used video platforms on the web. It has over 1 billion active users, and more than half of those users are going there for their entertainment fix.

When it comes to image or photo content, you can’t go wrong with Instagram. Instagram is a great platform for image content marketing because it allows you to see what people are interested in and what they’re looking at. This gives you the opportunity to provide them with more of the same, so your audience will keep coming back to your page. You can also see which posts are getting the most views and likes, so you can tell which types of images are working best for your brand.

For text content, LinkedIn Pulse is a great option. With LinkedIn Pulse, you can post your articles directly onto your company’s page. This means that you can get the word out about what you’re doing, and you don’t need to worry about getting in trouble for posting too many things!

Lastly, for audio content, a great platform to use is Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a great platform for audio content marketing because it’s a social media site that focuses on music. It gives you the opportunity to interact with other users, share your music and discover new tracks. Soundcloud also offers a free app that lets you record, edit, and share your own voice messages with anyone who follows you. You can use it to create podcasts, comment on other people’s tracks or just chat about things that interest you.

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