Different Ways to Gain White Label Backlinks


White-label backlinks are the perfect way to build brand awareness and get your company discovered by new customers. They’re also a great way to increase traffic to your website, which can help you convert more visitors into customers! With that, there are a number of different ways you can get white-label backlinks. Here are a few of the most common ones.

00:04 Different Ways to Gain White-Label Backlinks
00:26 You Can Hire Someone to Write and Publish Content on Your Behalf
00:47 You Can Use Paid Advertising Platforms
01:07 You Can Use Purchase Licenses From Companies
01:22 You Can Go Straight to the Source
01:44 You Can Use the Link Snitch Tool in Long Tail Pro
02:05 You Can Use Article Directories

First, you can hire someone to write and publish content on your behalf. For example, if you’re a real estate developer and you want to promote your new apartment complex, you could hire a writer from one of the many freelance websites like Upwork or Guru to write an article about your project and have it published on a website like CNN or New York Times.

The next way you can gain white-label backlinks is by using paid advertising platforms. An example of a great advertising platform is Google AdWords, You can then use these platforms to drive traffic to your site and build links that way. That’s how large sites like BuzzFeed build their link-building strategy!

Thirdly, you can purchase white-labeled licenses from companies that have already built up their own networks of trusted sites and bloggers, who will then create content for their own audience AND include links back to yours as part of the package!

Additionally, you can go straight to the source and ask a trusted online influencer, or a group of them, to make a post or video with links back to your site. This is great if you want an organic link that doesn’t look too spammy, but it can be difficult to work with influencers because they usually charge fees for promotions like this.

Another way to gain white-label backlinks is by using the “Link Snitch” tool in Long Tail Pro. This allows you to see other websites that have links pointing back to yours. You can then reach out to those website owners and ask them if they would like an exchange of links, which will increase your overall page rank on Google.

Finally, you can also use article directories. There, you submit articles related to your niche, product, or service in exchange for a backlink from their website. Article directories typically require that articles be at least 300 words long, so make sure your content is relevant and unique!

When trying to get white-label backlinks for your website, be sure to resort to methods that won’t get you penalized by search engines!
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