Different Ways to Get Facebook Backlinks


Different Ways to Get Facebook Backlinks

00:04 Different Ways to Get Facebook Backlinks
01:22 Some of the Most Effective Ways to Get Backlinks From Facebook

Getting Facebook backlinks is an effective way for your business to gain visibility, increase traffic, and boost sales. The social media giant has over one billion active users, which means it’s one of the most popular places to get your brand in front of new people.

Getting backlinks from Facebook will help you rank higher on search engines and drive more organic traffic to your site. What’s more, it’s easy! To learn more about how to get backlinks from Facebook, watch this video!

Like we said, Facebook’s one of the top social media platforms in the world. It has over a billion active users and it’s growing fast. The best part about Facebook is that it’s not just a place for your friends to post pictures of themselves drinking margaritas on a beach while they’re on vacation. Businesses can benefit from having a presence on Facebook, too.

If you have any kind of presence on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that it’s full of people sharing links, and not just content from their own websites. Facebook’s a place where people share links to articles, videos, and other stuff from all over the web. That means there’s a lot of opportunity for you to get backlinks without having your own website!

Here are some ways you can get links from Facebook:

One way to get Facebook backlinks is to comment on other people’s posts. When someone shares a link on their page, leave a thoughtful comment that includes a link back to your own website. This’ll earn you both a link from the original post as well as from the comment itself.

Another way to earn Facebook backlinks is to create original content that includes links back to yourself. This can be in the form of videos or images. Basically, anything that shows up in search engines with your URL embedded within it will count as an online reference for your business!

You can even post about other companies or products related to yours. Just don’t forget to include links back to their respective sources, such as their own websites and pages. Once people see the relevance between you and the companies you posted about, they might link back to you too!

Lastly, you can find someone who has shared something with you before and ask if they’d share it with their friends on Facebook.

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