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When people conduct local searches, they’re looking for businesses that are within a certain distance of them, or they’re looking to find a product or service that they can get in person, rather than ordering it online. So, local search optimization is all about making sure you show up at the top of local search results when people type in keywords.

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00:25 What are Local Search Engine Results or Local Search Results?
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When you search for a local business on Google or Bing, the results that pop up are referred to as “local search engine results.” These are the listings that appear in the top part of your screen when you perform a local search. The companies that appear on these listings are called “local businesses,” and they’re the ones who pay to be featured on them.

Local search engine results are important because they’re often the first place people look when they’re looking for a service or product in their area. When you search for “pizza delivery” on Google or Bing, there’s no way to tell whether you’ll find an independent pizza shop or a chain restaurant, and it’s hard to know which one will deliver your food faster or offer better service at a lower price. So, people tend to start their searches by looking at those local search engine results.

Local search engine results matter because they can make or break a business. If your business isn’t showing up in the top results for local searches, customers will never know you exist. If customers don’t know you exist, how can you expect them to buy from or work with you? However, if you do show up in the top results, that means more customers and more sales! It also means more opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing when satisfied customers tell their friends about you and recommend your business to them.

If you want your business to make it to the top of local searches, then you can count on LinkDaddy’s Local SEO Backlinks Service! This service is designed to show Google that you have local links coming in that are geo-relevant. It’s good to do one of these every month for different Places of Interest or Things To Do, in order to mix up the geo-relevance of the incoming links.

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