E-A-T in SEO: How to Build Your Site’s Trustworthiness


E-A-T in SEO: How to Build Your Site’s Trustworthiness

00:05 E-A-T in SEO: How to Build Your Site’s Trustworthiness
00:10 Why is Trustworthiness Important When it Comes to SEO?
01:31 Different Ways You Can Build Your Site’s Trustworthiness

The last aspect of EAT in SEO is trustworthiness.

Trust is a crucial part of SEO. Google wants to make sure that the sites it returns in its search results are trustworthy and reliable. Why? Because if they weren’t, users would be less likely to click on them, which would hurt Google’s bottom line.

Additionally, trustworthiness is important because if your website doesn’t have trust, it won’t get any traffic. And if you don’t get any traffic, then people won’t find your website and they won’t buy from you.

When you’re trying to rank highly in Google search results, the most important thing is that people trust your site. The algorithm that Google uses to determine which sites show up first in their search results is called “PageRank.” It’s actually named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google.

The way PageRank works is by looking at how often other websites link to yours and how trustworthy those websites are perceived to be by the general public. If a website links to yours, but the public doesn’t think that website has any credibility or value, then they won’t trust that site either, and they won’t link to it! So, if you want your website to be found by people who are looking for it, then you need other websites that have credibility linking back to yours.

Moving forward, here are some ways to build trustworthiness:

First of all, be transparent about who you are, what you do, and why you’re doing it. If people don’t know where your site is coming from or why they should trust it, they’re less likely to click through.

Next, make sure your website has a privacy policy and terms of service so that visitors know how their information will be used. This helps build trust by showing that you respect their privacy and understand their concerns about how their personal data is used online.

Lastly, have an easy way for visitors to contact you if they have questions or concerns about anything on your site, like if they want more information about something in particular. This also builds trust because it shows them that they can reach out without having to go through layers of bureaucracy before getting an answer.

The key to being successful in SEO is making sure you maintain EAT.
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