Four Important Components of YouTube SEO


Four Important Components of YouTube SEO

00:04 Four Important Components of YouTube SEO
00:28 The Things That Make Up YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is a complex and tricky subject. However, understanding it is important if you want to make sure your videos are found by the right people and seen by as many of those people as possible.

You see, when you upload a video to YouTube, you can’t just post it and hope that people find it. You have to put in some work first.

So, what are the different important components of YouTube SEO?

The first major component of YouTube SEO is your video title. The title of your video is a very important component of YouTube SEO because this is what people will see as a thumbnail for your video and it will also be displayed in search results for related searches. The title should be descriptive, but not too long and not too short. If possible, include keywords related to your topic in the title so people searching for those keywords will see them when they’re browsing through videos on YouTube.

The second component of YouTube SEO is your video description. This is where you can describe what’s in your video or tell people why they should watch it! Make sure it’s interesting and engaging so that people will want to watch! Additionally, the description of your video should include relevant keywords that are related to what the video is about so that when people search for those keywords, your video comes up in search results. You can also include links within your description so viewers can click on them and be taken to other videos or websites.

The third important component of YouTube SEO is video tags. Tags are an important component of YouTube SEO because they help people find your video when they’re searching for something specific on YouTube, like a specific topic or person. Tags are essentially words or phrases that describe what your video is about. They’re a bit similar to keywords. Therefore, tags should be relevant to the content of your video so viewers can easily find what they’re looking for!

The last component of YouTube SEO that you should be aware of is the video thumbnail. Your thumbnail is important because it’s what viewers see when they browse through their subscriptions or search results page on YouTube. It helps them decide whether or not they want to watch it before clicking into it further. It also plays a major role in attracting viewers to your video.

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