How Contributor Links Help You Get Authoritative Backlinks for Your Site


How Contributor Links Help You Get Authoritative Backlinks for Your Site

00:11 What are Contributor Links and How Do They Work?
01:37 How to Get Authoritative Backlinks Through Contributor Links

Contributor links can be a powerful way to get authoritative backlinks for your website.

If you’re unfamiliar with contributor links, they’re a type of link that allows you to create content on other sites and have it hosted on yours. For example, let’s say you want to write an article about how to make a pizza. You can find a site that already has an article about this topic, then write your own version of it and add a link back to your site at the end.

The key here is that when someone clicks on the link in your article, they’ll be taken directly back to your site. This means that your site will be associated with this authority site, as well as any other sites that are linking back to it!

So, contributor links are essentially a way for people who have a piece of content on their website to let other people know about it. It’s sort of like a “share” button, but with more specific functionality. When you click on a contributor link, you’re taken directly to the page where that content is hosted. The page is then embedded in its original context on the host site, so when users click on it, they’re taken right where they left off.

This means that when someone clicks on your contributor link, it’s essentially as if they clicked on an internal link or bookmarked the page themselves. They aren’t leaving your site at all! This also means that you don’t have to worry about getting penalized by Google for having too many outbound links or redirecting visitors away from your site with too many “shortcut” pages, like blogrolls.

Moving forward, contributor links can help you get authoritative backlinks for your website in a variety of ways.

First, people are more likely to link to a site if they like the content. This means that by making your content more interesting and valuable, you’ll be more likely to attract contributors with relevant expertise who will be willing to link to your site.

Second, contributor links aren’t always visible on the page, so they won’t have negative SEO effects if they’re used correctly. This means that you can use them as a way to build links without worrying about giving up control over which pages Google indexes and displays in search results.

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