How Do I Create An Editorial Calendar In Google Calendar?


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It is critical to have a schedule of what you would be posting next week, two weeks from now, or even next month. A Google Calendar is your all-time friend for this. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Create a Google Calendar

2. Decide on your posting frequency. It could be once per week, twice a week, thrice a week, or any frequency that works for you.

3. Think through a list of blog post ideas. It will help you to never be blank when you need to create content.

4. Start plugging the post ideas into your Google Calendar.

5. Use the description box. It will help you to go from general content to more specific. The description box will help you store your ideas, resources, and thoughts which you will use in your post. This is a good place to keep the basic idea you got for the post, the main points you would want to touch base with, the list of things you would want to do before posting, and possible links.

6. Make use of the attachment option for the stuff you would need to attach.

7. Last but not least, create time to write.

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