How Do Outgoing Links Affect Search Engine Optimization


How Do Outgoing Links Affect Search Engine Optimization?

00:05 How Do Outgoing Links Affect Search Engine Optimization?
00:18 Why Are Outgoing Links Important?
01:12 How Many Outgoing Links Should A Website Have?

Outgoing links are the links that you include on your website that point to other websites. These links can be either internal (pointing to other pages on your site) or external (pointing to another site).

Outgoing links are important because they help search engines determine what your content is about, and therefore where it should rank in searches for those topics. If you have a page about a particular type of dog, and all of the links going out from that page are about different breeds of dogs, then search engines will know that this is a topic-specific page. This means that when someone searches for “dachshund,” they’ll likely find this page among the top results for their query.

However, if one link goes to a Dachshund breeders website, and another goes to a site with information about how long Dachshunds live, then search engines will think that this page isn’t really about dachshunds at all—it’s more focused on general canine care than any specific breed. And since these queries are more general than “dachshunds,” they won’t be as likely to show up near the top of search results.

The more outgoing links you have on your site, the better your SEO is likely to be. This is because Google and other search engines consider incoming links as a sign of relevance and importance of the content being linked. The more relevant websites link to yours, the more authoritative your site is considered by Google.

In addition, outgoing links help users navigate through your site and find related content quickly. If you have too many outgoing links, however, it can make it difficult for visitors to find what they’re looking for on your site.

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