How do Search Engine Algorithms Work?


You might be wondering, “How does Google know which videos to show me?” With that, the answer is: it depends. In general, search engines try to rank websites that are most relevant to your search query.

00:03 How do Search Engine Algorithms Work?
00:33 The Content of the Page that Hosts the Video Matters
00:58 The Number of People Who Have Watched the Video Matters
01:26 Search Engines Use Different Algorithms to Rank Websites
01:44 Sites Need Backlinks to Rank High
02:02 Videos Rank High on SERPs Because They’re Engaging and Entertaining

That’s why you’ll sometimes see a video about cats pop up when you search for dog food. However, how can they know whether or not a video is relevant? Well, there are a few factors at play here:

First of all, the content of the page that hosts the video matters. If it’s an authoritative website, then Google will be more likely to trust it and show its videos on its SERPs, or search engine result pages. However, if it’s just some random blog that only has one video on its homepage, then Google won’t expect much from them and won’t show those videos as often.

Next, the number of people who have watched the video also matters. If thousands of people have watched a video about how to make banana bread, then Google will probably consider it high quality and put it up near the top of its rankings. On the other hand, if only ten people have watched a video about how much money it costs to repair a broken sink, then Google will definitely rank the video lower in their results pages.

Search engines like Google and Bing use different algorithms to determine which websites will show up first in their search results. One of these algorithms is called PageRank, and it was named after Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google.

In order for a website to rank highly on a search engine’s results page, it needs to have links from other websites. These links are called backlinks. The more backlinks a website has, the higher its ranking will be on a search engine’s results page.

If you’ve ever done any research online about a particular subject, then you’ve probably seen some videos pop up in your search results before. Usually, they’ll be ranked at the top or near the top of those results pages when you’re searching for something specific like “how do I cook chicken?” or “where can I find cheap sweaters?” Why do videos rank so high? Simply because they’re engaging and entertaining!

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