How Do You Create An Editorial Calendar?


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Creating an editorial calendar is not as complex as it would sound. See how doable this is!

1. Decide on your tools
The best way is for the content manager to combine the tools based on the needs of the team. Would you prefer to start on free tools before you try the paid ones? Such tools include Trello, Google Docs, and Excel.
Paid tools would include Asana, BrightPod, Airtable and Monday.

2. Create your Content Backlog
This is where you lay down your ideas in a way people can view. The list should be clear and organized.

3. Develop content strategy
This is making sure your content strategy touches all bases. Determine your monthly content volumes, target clients, and the topics to cover. Then add strategic phases e.g managing your present content, as well as goal tracking.

4. Schedule your content on time
Creating content, the last minute is not advisable. Instead, schedule it way before, a month a head is great.

5. Production
Here, Trello comes in handy to help determine the stages each content will undergo before publication.

6. Content Queue
Get a few articles set for publication. Get a team of writers create content to publish in the next 4-6 weeks, or take a few months prior, to create the content.

7. Optimize your process
See what tools your team does not need, and the process details that need to change.

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