How Do You Create An Editorial Content?


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Decide on the type of editorial you want and the basics to include. We discuss five steps that help create amazing editorial content:

Editorial Calendar
1. Choose your topic

Editorials are based on opinion, so choose a topic that has multiple views. Since your writing will be biased to your opinion or that of the team, take note of the readers who would have contrary opinion.

Ensure you are writing about what you are passionate about. Focus on reasons why your readers would have a contrary view.

Keep the reader focused, by making your topic specific. Develop multiple paragraphs to support one idea.

2. Research widely

Support your content with facts. Showcase what other strong voices would say about the topic. Choose a stance that will allow room for many opinions.

3. Create an outline

An outline will keep your ideas organized and flowing. Organize the body paragraphs based on the format you choose. List your main ideas as you provide evidence for each.

4. Write

Put your content down in an organized creative way. Write your intro, the body and conclusion.

5. Edit

Go through your content and do all the necessary editing.

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