How NoFollow Links Help Your Business


How NoFollow Links Help Your Business

00:03 How NoFollow Links Help Your Business
00:09 What is a NoFollow Link and What is its Purpose?
01:35 Reasons You Should Use NoFollow Links on Your Site

In the world of SEO, nofollow links are a big deal.

A nofollow link is a hyperlink that the user can click on, but it doesn’t pass any value to the website it links to. This means that when Google crawls your site and sees a nofollow link, it won’t increase your rank or help you in any way.

However, while they don’t help your rankings directly, they do have their place. For example, if you want to use a link from another site on your own content, you should specify that it’s nofollow so that it doesn’t affect your ranking and also so that Google will ignore it when evaluating how relevant and authoritative your content is for search queries related to the other website’s content.

The fact that Google ignores these links means that you can use them to influence other factors besides just your ranking position. For example, if you want people to visit your site from social media or other sites like blogs, then using nofollow links can help prevent spammy activity like malware or spammy comments from hurting your brand’s reputation online.

Now, let’s take a look at how nofollow links can help you.

When it comes to social media marketing, having nofollow links on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter can actually increase your reach! This is because when you share something on LinkedIn or Twitter and include an image from another site, people will see that link next to your post without clicking through it, and that means more people see your business or brand’s name!

Moving forward, there are a few reasons why you might want to use nofollow links.

You want to show off the website you’re linking to, but you don’t want it to get any SEO benefits from your link. This is common when linking from social media accounts, where you might be posting a picture or video from another website that you like.

You want to keep your site’s SEO clean by removing links that may have been added without your knowledge or consent. This could be because a site has been hacked, or because someone else has added random links in their guest post.

You’ve bought links and need to tell Google that they should ignore them so they don’t negatively impact your rankings.

Just because nofollow links don’t pass on any link juice, doesn’t mean they have no value when it comes to SEO!
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