How to Best Optimize Your YouTube Video


YouTube SEO is a little bit different than SEO for other major platforms like Google and Facebook. That’s because YouTube is a search engine, but also a social media platform, so it has to follow different rules. Here are some best practices for using keywords on your videos that will help you get more views and subscribers from your audience.

00:03 How to Best Optimize Your YouTube Video
00:28 Understand What Your Goals Are
00:43 Make Sure the Images in Your Video are Linked Out
01:06 Add Annotations and Cards in the Descriptions of Your Video
01:36 Avoid Keyword Stuffing
02:12 Understand That Different Platforms Have Different Algorithms

The first thing you want to do is make sure you understand what your goals are. If you’re trying to drive traffic or clicks to a website, then make sure that your title and description contain links to your site.

Make sure that any images you include in your video are also linked out so that they can be clicked on and taken directly to whatever page it’s supposed to be linking to. Apart from that, if there’s any text in your video that isn’t spoken by someone, like subtitles or captions, make sure those are also linked out so people can see them clearly.

Another thing you can do is add annotations and cards in the description section of your YouTube video. These will allow you to include more information about topics related to what’s being discussed in the video; for example, if there’s a particular product being reviewed, you could include links back into an eCommerce site where viewers could buy it directly from there instead of just seeing an ad for another site which may not offer as good of a price point or selection.

Also, don’t keyword stuff. Keyword stuffing is the practice of overloading a page with keywords in order to fool search engines into ranking your page higher than it deserves. This is a bad practice because it doesn’t actually help you get traffic—and Google will penalize you for doing it. Instead, focus on creating compelling content that people want to watch and share. That’s how you’ll get more viewers and more shares, which will make your videos more attractive to search engines in the long run.

It’s also important to remember that different platforms have different algorithms. If you’re optimizing a video for Facebook, keep in mind that they might prioritize different things than YouTube does. So, if you’re optimizing for both platforms at once, make sure your videos are optimized differently for each platform!

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