How to Find the Best Sites to Get Dofollow Backlinks From


How to Find the Best Sites to Get Dofollow Backlinks From

00:16 Ways to Find Ideal Source Sites for Dofollow Backlinks

If you’re looking for sites that can be great sources of dofollow backlinks, it’s important to know what makes a site an ideal place for your content. Here are some expert tips that you can follow.

First of all, you should always start with sites that have high authority on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other relevant search engine. These sites already have a lot of backlinks and are trusted by search engines, so it makes sense that they’d have the best links to give away.

Next, look at the links on your competitor’s website. If a competitor has a website that has lots of links pointing to it, then they’re likely linking out to other websites that are also worth checking out as potential sources for your own links.

It’s also important to look for sites that have a large amount of content and are updated regularly. This’ll help ensure that the site is active and has a large audience, which will be beneficial for your business in the long run.

Apart from looking at the site’s content and audience, be sure to check the site’s Alexa rank. The higher the ranking, the more visitors it generally has. This means that there are more links that you can acquire from them!

You should also look at the domain authority of the site. This is a score that tells you how well-known and respected that website is by Google. The higher the domain authority score, the more likely it’ll be to send traffic to your site and help your rankings.

Furthermore, consider whether or not you’ve already linked to this site in your content. If so, it may already be included in your backlink profile. So, if you’re looking for new links, search for sites that aren’t related to yours, but still have good domain authority scores! These are often called “SEO-friendly” sites because they’ve been built with SEO in mind. This means that they’re optimized for search engines, so they’ll perform well when people search for relevant keywords or phrases on those engines.

Finally, check out websites that are similar to yours. If you have an eCommerce site selling shoes for men, then check out other eCommerce sites selling shoes for men and see what kinds of blogs or news sites they’re linking out from their pages. Those could be great places for you to get links from as well!

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