How to Gain High Quality Backlinks with PPC Advertising Campaigns


When it comes to link building, photo bookmarking is one of the least-known methods. Despite the common misconception that photo bookmarking is only effective for PPC campaigns, it’s an excellent method for establishing high-quality inbound connections. We all know the significance of backlinks, and we all know that quality is more essential than quantity.

00:00 How to Gain High-Quality Backlinks with PPC Advertising Campaigns
00:06 Why Backlinks Established Through Image Bookmarking are the Best Link Building Tools
00:31 How To Post Photos On Photo-Bookmarking Sites For Marketing, Backlinks & PPC
01:14 Easier Ways To Get Your Business On Pinterest And Other Photo-Bookmarking Sites
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To establish your link profile, why aren’t you depending on the link directories? Link directories no longer have the power to provide traffic to your site, and they’re also not likely to raise your page rank. Google’s Penguin update has fundamentally altered the landscape, and quality connections are now more crucial than quantity. In this case, the use of photo-bookmarking websites is justified. You may post images on these sites with built-in links that direct readers to your own website. You have complete control over how the images are displayed, including whether they open in a new window or remain embedded. Backlinks and PPC campaigns both benefit from this.

It’s possible to receive free publicity for your photos by having others “like” them on photo-bookmarking sites. Because of how easy users may exchange images and other types of material, platforms like Pinterest have grown to be quite popular recently. A well-optimized account on one of these sites will help you reach a far larger audience compared to simply putting material on your blog or website. Finally, pay-per-click advertising campaigns may be used to advertise your business on photo-sharing sites like Flickr.

Because of the high level of competition in this market, it’s critical that you take advantage of any and all opportunities to establish your brand and gain attention from potential clients. Several photo-bookmarking websites are available online, and they accept entries from people all around the globe. There’s no limit to the number of sites you may submit to.

For any product or service that you’re offering, the websites generally feature an area where you may submit links and photographs. Before uploading your images, you should read the terms and conditions of each site. The description of your product or service is required on many sites, while it may be optional on others.

As part of your entire link-building plan, photo-bookmarking sites might be an essential component. The high-quality backlinks from these sites can help you climb Google results and get new consumers online.
With these websites, you may connect with clients who already know what they want. A large number of consumers use photo bookmarking sites to identify items and services that meet their unique requirements. Create a well-optimized account on these platforms and you may interact with these people and provide them exactly what they need.

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