How to Get More Views on YouTube


How to Get More Views on YouTube

00:03 How to Get More Views on YouTube
00:24 Find Out What Your Audience Is Interested In
00:56 Make Better Content Than Your Competitors
01:13 Invest In Vlogging Equipment

There’s no magic formula for how to get more views on YouTube. If there were, every YouTuber would be doing it and there would be no need for this article!

But as you’ve probably figured out by now, there are a few things that can be done to maximize your chances of success. Here are the top three:

Do some market research and find out what kind of content they want to see. You can do this by asking them directly on social media, or by looking at the comments on their videos and finding the common themes.

It’s easier than ever to find out what people like and don’t like right now—you can go onto Reddit (specifically subreddits like /r/AskReddit or /r/videos), ask friends who watch your channel what they’d like to see more of, or even just scroll through the comments on your most recent videos and see what people are saying. Do this regularly, because the trends change constantly!

This goes without saying… but if everyone else is making subpar content, there’s no way you’ll attract an audience. Make sure that everything you upload is well-made and has real value for its viewers—and don’t forget about making sure it’s actually something that people want to watch!

A good camera is very important when making YouTube videos because it allows people to see you as an authority figure on a subject matter that they might not understand otherwise (which is why many experts get paid big bucks for speaking engagements). If you don’t have access to one then try renting one out from a local shop or even borrowing one from a friend if possible – just don’t go too cheap or else it won’t look professional enough!

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