How to Make a YouTube Account


How to Make a YouTube Account

00:03 How to Make a YouTube Account
00:33 Step 1: Think Of A Unique Username
01:10 Step 2: Prepare A Good Profile Picture And Cover Photo.
01:40 Step 3: Prepare Videos To Be Uploaded On Your Channel.

Before you start uploading videos, you need to set up your account. In order for YouTube to recognize you as an official user of its platform, you’ll need a Google Account (or Gmail account). Once you have one of those two options, go ahead and sign into YouTube.

After signing up for your account and logging in, it’s time to get creative! When creating a profile page for yourself on YouTube, don’t forget to include all of these tidbits:

You can’t just choose any username you want, because that’s what everyone else is doing! It’s important to keep your username short and simple, but also make sure it’s memorable. You want something that pops off the page and catches people’s attention. It should reflect your brand and the type of content you’re creating.

For example: If you’re going to be making comedy videos, you might want something like “comedypanda” or “comedybunny.” If you’re trying to build an audience around DIY craft projects, then maybe something like “craftybunny” or “craftpanda.”

Your profile picture will be visible on all social media platforms where you post it—so make sure it looks professional! Think about how people would see it if they were scrolling through their newsfeeds—would they think “Oh cool, this person has got some great ideas!” or would they think “This looks like something my grandma made.”? You definitely want the first reaction!

Your cover photo is going to be the first thing people see when they click on your channel—so make sure it clearly represents your brand.

This is the fun part! Any content you create for YouTube can be uploaded straight from within the app itself—it’s easy! Just go into the app, select “Create a video,” then hit record and start talking away!

Make sure everything is set up properly before you upload anything: Make sure that there aren’t any weird sounds in your video (and if there are, fix them), upload text overlays if necessary (like titles or subtitles), add effects, etc.

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