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Not Sure How To Rank YouTube Videos?

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YouTube has nearly 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors which outweighs the online traffic volumes put together for Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Instagram []. Invariably, a video ranking high on YouTube means instant recognition for a brand and popular videos tend to show up a lot more on Google’s search result pages. With similar algorithms at work, it is not surprising that there is some degree of integration between the two search platforms with Google’s search results often presenting a series of videos from YouTube.

A small business might be struggling with limited videos that don’t rank high but with the LinkDaddy YouTube Backlinks Ranking Service, there is every chance of such videos finding a spot in the top end of YouTube search results for high-value keywords.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and the second most popular website in the world behind Google []

It is estimated that nearly 81% of internet users consume some type of content on YouTube. Despite this global phenomenon, there is no guarantee that every video on the platform will become popular. This is why digital marketers often propose YouTube optimization as a part of holistic SEO service packages.

Just owning great video content does not ensure success!

YouTube optimization goes beyond the prospect of ensuring a great video shoot, clear audio quality, uploading transcripts, using easy-to-understand captions, or creating attention-grabbing subtitles. YouTube SEO strategy presents a different set of challenges for brands that are new to publishing and promoting videos. The videos often have negligible viewership and while business owners cannot afford to spend big on YouTube ads, they still want their digital asset to engage more clicks and become a part of organic search results on Google and YouTube.

Nearly 694,000 hours of video is streamed on YouTube each minute. This is more than Netflix, where users stream just about 452,000 hours of video
[Hootsuite Global State of Digital 2022 report]

It is no secret that Google’s search intelligence applies to the video-sharing platform too where search algorithms value relevancy but this time around, it is for highly visual content. Just like Google SEO, YouTube SEO is also about creating more relevant backlinks. A high-quality backlinking network raises the overall credibility, popularity, and authority of a YouTube channel and the videos it publishes. Any YouTube optimization strategy is incomplete without acquiring more quality backlinks.

The preferred way of creating legitimate backlinks is embedding the videos across blogs that have quality content and contextual keywords. The LinkDaddy team has proven expertise in embedding such video links across relevant, optimized content. Linking back to a YouTube channel/video, this strategy creates a network of healthy backlinks. The link-building exercise can quickly raise the visibility of a brand’s videos, and it is as effective as more expensive YouTube advertising.

For better backlink profiling, LinkDaddy uses its own network of hundreds of blogs that cater to every industry and vertical, ensuring there is always a fine piece of content with the big money keywords to link back to a business’ YouTube channel or videos.

While creating high-quality YouTube content is important, even more significant is the choice of keywords to promote your videos across the targeted audience. With the right choice of keywords and their strategic placement, videos can be an effective branding medium. Industry-relevant keywords synced with local search trends and seasonal trends can boost the video’s visibility on YouTube. To summarize, the mere choice of keywords does not pave the way for YouTube SEO success.

As a part of its keyword research, the LinkDaddy team scrapes for the freshest content on Google and uses filters for region and language. The emphasis is on using well-researched keywords, smartly incorporating them in the video title, thumbnails, description, transcript, tags, and alt tags.

Some marketers believe that the lower end of the keyword search data does not present any business value. While every keyword might not yield a magical boost in video views or likes, some less competed keywords can get your brand highlighted.

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