How to Rank YouTube Videos – Optimizing Video Tags


You’ve probably heard the term “tagging,” but if you’re like many video creators, you might not know exactly what it means or how to do it correctly.

00:05 How to Rank YouTube Videos: Optimizing Video Tags
00:14 What is Tagging, and How Does it Benefit Your YouTube Video?
00:49 Try Using a Maximum of Two or Three Words in a Tag
01:01 Use Keywords That are Relevant to Your Video
01:18 Make Sure Your Video Title is Unique
01:30 Remember Not to Try Too Hard
01:49 Make Sure Your Tags are Also Accurate
02:08 Make Sure Your Tags are Readable by Both Humans and Machines Alike

Tagging is a way of describing your video to help YouTube identify what it contains and show it to the right people. It’s also important because YouTube uses tagging to provide recommendations for other videos that viewers might be interested in. The more accurate your tags are, the better your video will perform on YouTube.

Additionally, YouTube has a ton of searchable metadata, and it can be tricky to know which tags are going to work best for your videos. So, here are some tips that will help you optimize your YouTube video’s tags:

To begin, try using a maximum of two or three words in the tag. If you use too many words, it will look like spam and could potentially get flagged.

Next, use keywords that are relevant to your video but also general enough to apply to other types of videos as well. For example, if you’re doing a video about how to make homemade jam, it would be better to use “homemade jam” than “my mom’s homemade jam.”

Furthermore, make sure your title is unique so that when someone searches for it, they won’t find another video with the same name already out there on YouTube, which could get confusing.

An important thing to keep in mind is don’t try too hard! Remember that a lot of people watch YouTube videos on their phones while waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting on the train. They don’t want to read through all kinds of text just because you think it will help your video rank higher in search results!

Fifth, make sure your tags are not just relevant but also accurate! If you have a long list of tags, it may be helpful to go through them one by one and make sure each tag accurately describes its corresponding video element (e.g., “dog” if you have a dog in your video).

Lastly, don’t forget that Google doesn’t always read everything correctly so make sure your title is readable by humans as well as machines. You can do this by adding punctuation marks in your sentences and phrases.

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