How To Structure An Editorial Calendar


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Content marketing comes with enough moving parts, you would need to be very organized to keep everything in sync.

Steps to get an excellent editorial calendar:

Editorial Calendar

1. Determine your key dates.

Your editorial calendar should include ideas from across your entire company. Keep track of all the dates when different events are taking place, both for internal and external events.

2. Think evergreen

Do not keep all your content as time-sensitive. Find a balance between time sensitive content and the evergreen material. It keeps you resourceful all year round.

3. Don’t leave out details

Avoid shorthand abbreviations. Keep everyone on the same page. Each entry should include all the people involved, and the full title of the project. Link every content that goes live, to the calendar.

4. Plan for the entire process

Show the different timelines you will spend to prepare and refine each item your team produces. The calendar will help centralize all activities around the content strategy. Ensure the initial writer’s date reflects the editor’s timeline as well. Estimate resources the designers will need.

5. Flexibility

Leave room for those changes that you may not have control over. For example, when something goes viral on social media. It gives room for the content marketing leaders to breath, and make necessary changes.

6. Consider the reader

Keep the content within major industry topics. While at it, give the reader material that keeps them engaged and interested. Your reader determines your success.

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