LinkDaddy Offers DoFollow SEO Backlinks Services Through Vettted


Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your content to rank higher in search results. The more links to your site from other websites, the more likely it will be that your site ranks higher on Google. However, there’s a big difference between link types: DoFollow and NoFollow links.

00:06 LinkDaddy Offers DoFollow SEO Backlinks Services Through Vettted
00:25 NoFollow vs. DoFollow Links
01:03 DoFollow Links Help Your Website Rank Higher in Search Results
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A NoFollow link is one that doesn’t pass any link juice, or ranking power, to your website. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 NoFollow links pointing at your site, they won’t help you rank better in the search engines.

A DoFollow link, on the other hand, passes some of its link juice onto whatever page it points toward. This allows sites with DoFollow links to rank higher than sites without them. However, this isn’t an absolute rule because Google takes many factors into consideration when deciding where to place pages in its search results.

The more DoFollow links you have, the stronger your site will rank in search results. This is because Google sees that other websites are linking to yours, and so they assume that yours is a high-quality site worthy of inclusion in their index. DoFollow SEO Backlinks are important because they help your website rank better in search results and drive traffic toward your site. In order for this to happen, though, you need to have high-quality content on your site that people want to link to or share with others.

With that, LinkDaddy offers an extensive DoFollow SEO Backlinks service! This is good for businesses who would like to rank higher in Google Maps, and are looking for an affordable monthly service. This is the most common service or product ordered from LinkDaddy. DoFollow SEO Backlinks can be used to power up your Website URL, the Inner Page URLs of your Website, a GMB URL, or a Video URL. If your website can be linked to and needs more relevance and authority, this is what you need to order.

This service includes the following features:

2500+ Niche Relevant Unique Blog Posts
3 Tier Linking Structure (Tier 3, links to Tier 2, links to Tier 1)
Ability to Embed GMB & NAP (for local businesses)
Ability to Embed a Youtube Video
Ability to Embed Own Hosted Images (Up to 100 image URLs)
Blog Post Links Crawled
Social Bookmarks on All Tiers
Links Provided in a Google Sheet with Tier 1 separated

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