LinkDaddy Offers Google Maps Ranking Services Through Vettted


Google Maps is a web mapping service and a mobile app that help you navigate your way around the world. Google Maps has become one of the most popular ways to find directions and get around. With so many people using Google Maps on a daily basis, you may be wondering what exactly goes into ranking in the app.

00:05 LinkDaddy Offers Google Maps Ranking Services Through Vettted
00:35 Google Maps Considers a Website’s Content Quality
01:05 Google Maps Considers a Website’s Authority
01:26 LinkDaddy’s Google Maps Ranking Service

To start with, there are so many different factors that go into ranking in Google Maps. Some of these include content quality and authority.

First of all, Google Maps considers a website’s content quality. The content on your page must be high quality and relevant to your business. This means that if you’re selling designer handbags, then all of your images should be handbags or things related to handbags, not just random photos. You also want to make sure that all of the information on each page is accurate, up-to-date, and easy for users who might be looking for this information, such as reviews.

Secondly, Google Maps considers the authority of a given website or page. If you have an authoritative site or brand name attached to your listing, like Amazon, then this will increase how likely it is that people will click through from Google Search results or other sources like social media links, such as Facebook or Twitter.

If you need to rank higher in Google Maps for a particular City, then LinkDaddy’s Google Maps Ranking Service is the one for you. Google provides a share link and an iframe code for a reason and LinkDaddy has the largest niche-relevant blog network in the world to backlink and embed your GMB. In addition to that, we use 4G Mobile Proxies to simulate local city searches of your GMB for your specified keywords for that city. This is a powerful service and is called Google Maps Ranking for a reason.

This service includes the following features:
300+ Tier 1 Niche-Relevant Blog Posts
Each Tier 1 Blog Post Links Out to One of the Three Links: Website, GMB Share Link, and CID Link
Ability to Embed a Youtube Video
Ability to Embed Own Hosted Images (Up to 100 image URLs)
13,000+ Blogs Posts, All Unique With GMB & NAP Embedded
All Blog Post Links Crawled
Social Bookmarks on All Tiers
Blog Post Links Provided in a Google Sheet with Tier 1 separated

Make your business appear on the top search results of Google Maps!
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