LinkDaddy Offers YouTube Ranking Services Through Vettted


Ranking high on YouTube is important for SEO because it helps you rank higher in Google search results. If you have a video that’s ranking high for a certain keyword, that means people are searching for it, which means that your video will appear at the top of the page when someone searches for that keyword. You can use this to increase your visibility and get more views and shares, which will help you build your audience and bring in more traffic.

00:05 LinkDaddy Offers YouTube Ranking Services Through Vettted
00:32 Why it’s Important to Rank High on YouTube
01:03 How YouTube’s Algorithm Works
01:32 LinkDaddy’s YouTube Ranking Service

YouTube is a search engine. When someone searches for a term or phrase, they can expect to see videos in their results. The more videos there are on a topic, the harder it is for each individual video to stand out. This can make it difficult for your video to get noticed and increase traffic to your channel or website. However, with SEO techniques and tools, you can increase the chances that your video will be seen by viewers who are searching for information related to your topic.

YouTube knows that viewers are more likely to watch videos that are higher up in search results, so their algorithm uses a combination of factors including: view count, likes or dislikes ratio, comments, and video length in order to rank videos on their platform. Some of these metrics are more important than others. For example, views matter more than likes or dislikes, but all of them contribute to an overall score for each video.

If you want to rank high on YouTube, you can try LinkDaddy’s YouTube Ranking service! This service is perfect for those of you who need your video to sit at the top of Youtube. For more competitive terms, you may need to order this regularly to keep it at the top and dominate your niche.

Ordering this service through the Vettted website nets you several features including:

1000 High Retention Views from logged-in Youtube Channels.
Option for more views
300+ Tier 1 Blog Posts Linking Out to the Youtube URL
95% Generic Anchor Text
2500+ Niche Relevant Unique Blog Posts
Video Embedded on all Blog Posts
3 Tier Linking Structure
Ability to Embed GMB & NAP
Ability to Embed Own Hosted Images
Blogs Post Links Crawled
Social Bookmarks on All Tiers
Blog Post Links Provided in a Google Sheet with Tier 1 separated

Start ranking your videos on the top search results on Youtube!
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