Looking at the Major Components of a Press Release


Looking at the Major Components of a Press Release

00:38 The Three Major Components of a Press Release

A press release is a document that aims to get your company or product in front of the public. Press releases are often used to announce new products or services, but they can also be used to announce other important events.

What’s more, press releases are typically distributed to media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, and websites. However, they can also be sent directly to consumers who may be interested in learning more about a business or its product or service.

A press release should include a few basic components, and we’ll take a look at each of those components in this video.

The first major component of any press release is the title and headline. The title and headline should be eye-catching and concise. The title should say what the press release is about while still making it clear that it’s an announcement. The headline should summarize the story in a way that will get people excited enough to read further.

The second major component of a press release is the dateline. This is where you write where you are, such as your city and state, who you’re with, and what time it is when the press release was written. It’s also good practice, if possible, to include who else was there at the time as well, such as who the co-authors of the press release are.

The third major component of a press release is the body. This section should describe why this announcement matters, how long it took to develop, create, etc., any interesting facts about its development or creation process, and why this announcement is relevant now, especially when compared with other similar announcements made recently. Essentially, when thinking of what to put in the body of your press release, consider including anything else that would make people want to read on!

Moving forward, the body of a press release is broad and contains several sections, including the following.

Subheadlines: These can help break up long blocks of text, or they can be used to highlight specific parts of your story that are important to emphasize.
Background: This is where you give context to what’s happening in your news event.
Key points: This section highlights key takeaways from your news event.
Quotes from key people involved: This is where you can include quotes from key people involved in this event.

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