Major Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Google Maps SEO


Major Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Google Maps SEO

00:04 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Google Maps SEO
00:38 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Google Maps SEO

If you’re new to Google Maps SEO, you may be wondering whether there are any common mistakes that can hurt your efforts. The answer is yes!

SEO for Google Maps works a little differently than SEO for other platforms. That’s because Google has its own algorithm for ranking local businesses in search results, and it uses a mix of signals to determine which businesses should appear first.

With that, if you’re trying to improve your Google Maps SEO, it’s important to know what common mistakes can hurt your efforts.

The very first mistake that can hurt your overall Google Maps SEO efforts is not having a business listing. If you have a physical location, then you need to make sure that you have a business listing on Google Maps. This’ll help with your SEO efforts because it’ll give your customers an easy way to find your business.

Another mistake is not having an accurate address and phone number. You should always ensure that the address and phone number you have listed on your Google Maps listing are accurate because this is what people will see when they search for your business on Google Maps.

Third, a mistake that doesn’t get talked about as much is not having a website URL in your listing’s description section. A mistake that many businesses make when it comes to their Google Maps listings is not including their website URL in their description section, which means people won’t be able to click through directly from their search result page onto your website page without first manually copying down the URL into their browser’s address bar. This negatively affects accessibility and the user experience.

If you want more people to get directions from their phones to your place of business, then it’s a good idea to include a geo-tag on all of your images and videos. You just have to make sure that the geo-tags are accurate. Otherwise, it can only end up hurting your SEO.

Another big mistake that people make when trying to improve their Google Maps SEO is using keywords too often in their website content. While keyword density can help increase the relevancy of search results, if you use too many keywords, they won’t be able to rank well anymore because they’ll be too obvious, they’ll look unnatural, and they could be tagged as

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