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Before diving into the details of the creation of an Editorial Calendar, lets first check the basics. What is an editorial Calendar, and what is it all about?
Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is also known as a publishing schedule. It is a tool that comes in handy for bloggers, groups, businesses and publishers. It helps control through schedule, the publication of content across the different media they use, such as newspapers, email newsletters, blogs and social media outlets.

The needs of your team will determine the editorial calendar you would need. A few factors that will guide you on the calendar to come up with includes: the frequency of publishing, the different categories of content you create, the number of people who will use the editorial, the stages your content has to go through before getting published, and the format you will use to get the calendar organized.

There are different formats of editorial, each for different purposes. The calendar App helps in basic deadlines tracking. It is not great when you have more than one project.

The Kanban format is used in editorial management, helping move cards between stages.

Then there is the spreadsheet format for neat data organization. It easily pairs with calendar apps.

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