Parts of Your Book You Should Include in a Press Release


So, you’ve written a book, and you’re ready to get it in front of the eyes of an audience. That’s great! But before you can even think about marketing your product, there are some important steps to take first. In this video, we’ll go over what parts of your book should be featured in your press release.

00:04 Parts of Your Book You Should Include in a Press Release
00:25 Focus on Something Newsworthy
00:41 Writing for a Book Launch Party
01:05 Include a Brief Description of Your Book
01:22 Include Specific Information About the Book
01:40 Mention Whether or Not it’s a Part of a Collection
01:58 Mention What Makes Your Book Unique

The focus of a press release should be the newsworthy aspect of whatever is being released, whether it’s an event or something else entirely. The point is, what makes these things different from anything else? What makes them worth talking about?

If you’re writing a press release for a book launch party, then mention what’ll happen at this party. Who’ll be there? What type of food will be served? If you’re writing about an upcoming event where people can come see your book for sale at a local bookstore, then mention details about that event. What time does it start? How much does admission cost?

The first thing you should include in a press release is a brief description of what your book covers. This can be as simple as saying “My new book is a collection of short stories,” or “My new novel follows a young woman through her senior year at an elite boarding school.”

You should also include information about who wrote the book. Who are the main characters? What genre does it fall under? Where can people buy it? If there are any awards or accolades associated with the book, those should go here too.

If you’re publishing a book that’s part of a series or compilation of some kind, like an anthology or collection, be sure to mention that in the press release as well. That way, people know it’s not just one isolated book, but rather something bigger than just one individual piece.

Finally, you should highlight anything unique about yourself or your book that might make editors interested.

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