The Different Aspects of Branding


It’s about what you say and how you say it. Branding is all about making sure that your target audience understands exactly what your product is and why they should buy it. If you can’t explain why someone should buy your product in five sentences or less, then there’s something wrong with your branding process!

00:03 The Different Aspects of Branding
00:43 The Importance of Your Company’s Name in Branding
01:07 The Importance of Having a Color Scheme in Branding
01:33 The Importance of Logo Design in Branding
02:01 The Importance of Using Different Fonts in Branding

There are several different aspects of branding that you need to consider, and we’re going to go over all of them here in this video.

The first is the name of your company. This is often the most important aspect of branding because it’s what everyone will associate with your business. The name you choose should be memorable and easy to say, containing letters that are easy to pronounce. You also want to make sure it’s unique, that it doesn’t already exist somewhere else on the internet or in real life.

The second important aspect of branding is color scheme. Colors can have a lot of different effects on people, so choosing which colors to use in your branding is important. Your brand should have a consistent color scheme throughout, as well as an accent color. The accent color is usually one shade darker or lighter than the main color. This ensures that it stands out from the others.

Another aspect of branding is logo design. A logo helps people identify with your company, so it needs to convey some sort of message about what you do and who you are without being too complicated or confusing for people who don’t know much about design principles. It should also be easily recognizable across platforms like social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, where there may be restrictions on size limitations for images posted there.

Finally, you have to consider fonts. Fonts can make or break a design concept so make sure they’re easy on the eyes and complement each other well enough that they don’t look like they came from different designers altogether!

By understanding the different aspects of branding, you’ll be able to establish the identity of your business effectively!
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