The importance of Keywords in YouTube SEO


The importance of Keywords in YouTube SEO

00:11 The Importance of Keywords in YouTube SEO
01:46 Two Ways to Optimize Your Video With Keywords

In this video, we’ll cover why keywords are so important when it comes to YouTube SEO.

First of all, let’s get something straight. Your YouTube video will not rank on the first page of Google for any keywords that you don’t mention in your video. Period. So, make sure you have a keyword strategy in place before you start creating content.

Think about it this way. When you search for something, what do you type into the search bar? You don’t just type in “the sky” or “the moon.” You might type in something like “sky blue” or “moon facts.” Search engines take notice of these kinds of terms when they crawl the web and index websites. So, if someone searches for “moon facts” on Google, they’ll likely find your video about moon facts if you’ve optimized your title and description with those keywords.

That’s not all. Keywords also help YouTube determine which videos should be shown as recommendations for related searches. For example, if someone watches one of your videos on gardening tips, YouTube may recommend another video about growing tomatoes or watering plants because those are closely related topics that people who enjoy gardening probably want to see.

Now, what if you already have an established channel on YouTube? You probably already have millions of views on your content and aren’t worried about ranking anymore, right? Well, not exactly. Even if you’ve already got a ton of views and subscribers, there are still ways to optimize your videos for search engines, and it’s actually really easy!

One way is by using annotations with long tail keywords. These annotations show up as yellow boxes beneath each title card at the beginning or end of your video. They’re visible only when the viewer clicks on them and can include up to 100 characters worth of text. This is great because they’re visible only when someone actually wants to read them, so they won’t scare away viewers who just want to watch a quick video without stopping to read anything else first!

Another way would be to include keywords in the description section of your video. For instance, if you were selling shoes online, perhaps you could put some information about sizes and colors in there, but don’t go overboard! You don’t want to overwhelm people with too much text.

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