The Importance of Organic Traffic


00:03 The Importance of Organic Traffic
00:11 What is Organic Traffic and How Does it Work?
01:47 How to Get Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the most important kind of traffic for your website, and it’s one you should really pay attention to.

Organic traffic is when people find your site through an organic search on Google. They’re looking for something specific, so if you’re lucky enough to be ranked as a result of their search, then you’ve got an opportunity to show them what your business can do for them!

Here’s how organic traffic works. When someone looks up something in a search engine like Google or Bing, the search engine displays results based on what it thinks is most relevant. These results are called organic results because they’re free, which means you don’t have to pay for them! Now, if someone lands on your site from an organic result listed by Google or Bing, then you can count that as “organic traffic.”

Moreover, organic traffic is the most valuable kind of traffic you can get on your website because it’s free, it’s long-lasting, and it’s completely natural.

That’s because organic traffic comes from people who are actually interested in your site, rather than just being driven by Google’s algorithms or other factors outside of your control. When someone is searching for something on Google, they’re likely looking for an answer to a question they have, and if your site has that answer, then they’ll be more likely to click through to it than if they had found it anywhere else!

To put it another way, if someone types “how do I lose weight” into Google, then clicks on the first result, that means they’re going to stay on that site longer than they would have if it hadn’t been there at all. And if that site can keep them engaged long enough for them to read more articles or sign up for their email list, then that could lead directly to conversions down the road!

Lastly, you can get organic traffic in a few different ways.

Organic traffic can be people typing in your exact keyword into Google, even if they’re not sure of exactly what they’re looking for
It could also be people typing in keywords that are related to the industry in which your company operates in
If someone shares an article about your company on social media or their own blog, this could also be considered organic traffic

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