The Relevance of Link Building to Organic SEO


The Relevance of Link Building to Organic SEO

00:09 Understanding How Link Building Works
01:39 Key Things to Remember When Building Links

Link building is the third and last important pillar of organic SEO.

Link building is how you build links from other websites and blogs to your own, which helps your website become more visible in search results.

As we’ve established, link building is one of the most important aspects of organic search engine optimization. While it’s not a new practice, Google has made it clear that they will be penalizing sites with too many spammy links. This is why it is so important to understand how link building works and what you can do to make sure your site is getting the most out of its link building efforts.

The first thing you need to understand is where links come from. There are two main types: internal and external. Internal links are those that point back to other pages on your own website, while external links are those that point from your website to another website or page, or vice versa. Link building, then, involves gaining both types of links for your site so that people can find their way around more easily and drive more traffic back to it.

Moreover, Google wants websites with high quality content and lots of backlinks because this shows them that people want information about certain topics, which means there’s an interest in those topics among people searching Google for answers—and potentially purchases! In addition, getting external links from reputable sources can help boost rankings on search engine results pages, or SERPs, which will lead more people to click through to your website!

Moving forward, there are a few key things to remember when building links for your site with organic SEO in mind.

First, it’s important to make sure that you’re building links from high-quality sites. This means that you should be careful about where you’re getting links from and what kinds of sites those are. You don’t want any spammy or low-quality sites linking to your content.

Second, it’s important to keep track of the quantity and quality of links you build so that you can see how these metrics change over time. If you notice that the number of new links is increasing but those new links have less authority than before, then there may be something wrong with how you’re conducting your search engine optimization efforts.

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