The Worst Websites For Backlinks


Now that we’ve talked about the best and most ideal websites to get backlinks for your site from, you should also be aware of websites you need to avoid. Backlinks from these websites will not only hamper your link building efforts but getting backlinks from these sites can get you penalized by Google or other search engines as well.

00:04 Knowing the Worst Websites to Get Backlinks From is Equally Important
00:27 Avoid Low-Quality Websites
00:51 Avoid Websites That Contain Excessive Self-Promotion
01:13 Avoid Websites That Have Irrelevant Content

Now, what are some of the worst sites for backlinks?

The first place to start is with low-quality websites. These include spammy forums, link farms, and other sites that don’t provide any value or authority to your site. These kinds of sites will hurt your SEO efforts much more than they can help them. This is mainly because these sites participate in what is considered “black-hat” strategies.

Another type of site to avoid is one with excessive self-promotion or promotion of products or services. You should also avoid sites that have a lot of advertising on them or are largely made up of ads. This can cause Google’s algorithm to consider your site as having a low-quality score and exclude it from its search results pages altogether.

Lastly, be sure to steer clear of websites that have unrelated or irrelevant content. This is the most common mistake people make when they’re looking for backlinks. The goal of a backlink is not just to get any old link on any page, it’s to get something that’ll be valuable to your readers. If you want to increase traffic and engagement on your site, then you need to make sure the website linking to yours has content that’s relevant to your business or industry. Otherwise, all you’ll be doing is sending people away from your site or overloading one page with links that don’t have anything in common with each other.

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