Things to Avoid When Doing Video SEO


Things to Avoid When Doing Video SEO

00:04 Things to Avoid When Doing Video SEO
00:17 Different Common Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Doing Video SEO

Video SEO is an important part of any video marketing strategy, but it can be tricky to get right. Here are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid when doing video SEO:

The first mistake you can make is not having a clear call-to-action. You should always have an end goal in mind when you’re thinking of creating a video for your business. Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to sign up for your email list? Do you want them to share their thoughts on your product or service? Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear and explicit at the end of your video.

The second mistake is not having good graphics. You’ll notice that most videos with higher views have beautiful graphics and effects, so don’t skimp on this! If you need help with creating graphics or animations for your videos, there are plenty of tutorials and guides available on the internet!

Also, avoid being boring! People are going to watch lots of videos each day. They don’t have time for boring ones! Make sure yours has interesting content that will keep people engaged throughout the entire thing.

Another common mistake you’ll want to avoid is not starting your video with an attention-grabbing title and description. This is one of the first things viewers see when they watch your video, and if it’s boring or confusing, they’ll leave before they even know what your content is about.

The fifth mistake you can make is not including a transcript with your video and making sure it’s easy to find on your site. Even though most people don’t read transcripts, they can help search engines understand what your video is about, which makes it more likely that people will find it when they search for related terms in Google or other search engines.

Another one is not optimizing for mobile devices! Most people use smartphones to watch videos these days, so make sure yours looks good on those screens!

The last common mistake is not using your company name in the title tag of your video. This is important because search engines use it as a signal for what the content of your video is about. If they don’t see your company name, they won’t know whether or not they should rank it.

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