Three Reasons to Audit Backlinks


Three Reasons to Audit Backlinks

00:03 Three Reasons to Audit Backlinks
00:32 How Backlinks Affect SEO
01:06 The Importance of Backlink Audits
01:40 Three Reasons to Audit Backlinks

When it comes to improving your overall SEO efforts, you should definitely audit the backlinks coming into your website.

You can’t just wait around for the search engine gods to give you a boost. You have to take action and take matters into your own hands. One of the best things you can do is audit your website’s backlinks.

Before we get into the details of backlink auditing, it’s important to understand how backlinks affect SEO.

Backlinks are links from another website that point toward yours. They’re like recommendations from sites that are similar to yours and are likely to be relevant for visitors who land on them through search engines. How do you get those recommendations? By earning them!

As you might also guess, more backlinks mean more traffic for your site. However, backlinks are also a good indicator of the general health of your site, and they’re an important piece of the puzzle in determining how well your site will rank in search results.

That’s where audits come in. Backlink audits tell you how many backlinks your site has, what types of sites are linking back to it, and where those links are located on those other websites. The higher up they are, the more impact they’ll have. You’ll also learn how many links each of those websites has pointing toward it. Doing backlink audits will let you know if a website that’s linking to you has more than one backlink pointing to it as well. This then lets you know if there’s a chance that some of those sites might link back to you too.

Moreover, there are three reasons you should audit your website’s backlinks:

Backlinks help Google determine how valuable your content is, so they’re a key factor in determining how high up in SERPs your site appears. The more backlinks, the better, and you want to make sure that those backlinks are coming from trustworthy sources.

Having bad backlinks can hurt your site’s rankings, especially if they’re spammy or low-quality. You need to be able to monitor and manage these links so they don’t have an impact on your site’s performance.

Having too many backlinks of a certain type can also hurt your site’s performance. For example, if you have too many paid links, it could look like you’re trying to game Google’s system and might end up hurting your rankings as a result.

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