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In this video, we’ll be going over the top backlinks you can get for your website.

00:53 What are NoFollow Links, and How are they Important?
01:25 What are DoFollow Links, and How are they Important?
01:58 What are Contextual Links, and How are they Important?

There are many different kinds of backlinks that you can get, but some are more effective than others. The most valuable backlinks are those that come from other websites that are relevant to yours, and also have a high authority. These links will help you to rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing and drive more traffic to your website.

If you want to build up a good reputation online and have a strong internet presence, then it is important that you have good quality backlinks pointing at your website from other websites or directories. These links will help boost your rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo which will bring many new visitors to your site who may become customers if they like what they see there!

Specifically speaking, the first kind is called a “nofollow” link. This means that when someone clicks onto your website from the link, it doesn’t count towards your SEO score. So, if someone has a high-quality blog post with nofollow links in it, those links won’t really help them rank any better on Google. However, nofollow links are still good to have because they allow you to track how people are sharing and engaging with your content, which can help you make better decisions about your marketing strategy going forward.

The second kind is called a “dofollow” link. This type of link does count towards your SEO score when people click on it from Google search results or anywhere else online where they might find your website listed. These links are usually found on other websites, such as news sites or blogs that have been around for a while and have good content themselves. Most of the time as well, these websites are ranked higher than yours. For this same reason, they’ll send more traffic back to yours because they’re getting more traffic themselves!

Finally, there are contextual links. Contextual links are links that appear in the context of a piece of content, instead of as part of the navigation. If you have a website that’s full of content, and you want to be able to link back to your core pages from all over the site, contextual links are for you. Contextual links help users navigate your site easily and quickly. This means they don’t have to rely on their memory or search engine results to find what they’re looking for!

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