Track Backlinks – Finding and Fixing Broken Links


Track Backlinks: Finding and Fixing Broken Links

00:04 Track Backlinks: Finding and Fixing Broken Links
00:12 How to Spot Broken Links
00:41 What are Broken Links and How Do They Affect Your Ranking?
01:12 How to Fix Broken Links on Your Website

One huge benefit or advantage you can get when you track backlinks is the ability to spot broken backlinks or broken links.

In the world of SEO, there are a lot of metrics to track. One of these is broken links. Broken links can be found on your website by using a site like This tool will scan your website for any links that are no longer active and let you know so you can fix them. Apart from this website, there are plenty of other SEO tools out there that allow you to spot and correct broken links, like Ahrefs and Majestic.

Moving forward, a broken link can have a huge impact on your SEO as well as on user experience. This is because when users click on the link, they’re expecting it to go somewhere, but then end up at an error page or another page that’s not where they wanted to go. These errors will cause visitors to be frustrated and possibly leave your site without seeing what they came for in the first place! That’s why it’s important to find these broken links before someone else does, especially if you’re running an e-commerce site!

Now, here are ways to fix broken links on your website.

First, check to see if the URL is correct. If you’re using anchor text, make sure it matches exactly what you want people to see when they click through. If not, try changing it so that it does match up with your intended destination.

Next, check and see if there are any redirects in place on your site. These can be set up by web developers or SEO professionals as part of maintaining a website and ensuring its health over time. However, they can also cause problems if they’re not set up properly or if they’re not working correctly due to other factors like server issues or network problems.

If neither of these steps helps fix the issue, try checking with whoever built your site or developed its SEO structure for more information about how their work might be causing problems for visitors trying to access content from certain pages on your site. Then, do whatever is necessary to fix those issues.

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