Trusted Backlinks – Tips for Reaching Out to Influencers


00:05 Trusted Backlinks: Tips for Reaching Out to Influencers
00:37 Find an Influencer Who’s Relevant to Your Business and Industry
00:57 Make the Whole Outreach Process Easy for Influencers
01:32 Make Sure You Reach Out on a Personal Level
02:10 Be Patient

A relatively new way of getting trusted backlinks is by reaching out to influencers. This is because social media is a relatively new avenue that’s being used for marketing. Despite that, this method can prove to be useful and effective in getting backlinks from high-authority sites.

With that, here are some tips for reaching out to influencers so they’ll share your content on social media, thereby increasing the likelihood that you’ll get backlinks from authoritative sites.

Firstly, you want to find the right fit. When trying to get an influencer to share your content, you want someone who has an audience that is similar to yours and is engaged with their posts. If you can find a connection between the two of you, it will help you stand out and make them more likely to share your content.

When reaching out to influencers, make the entire process easy for them. Influencers are busy people and may be hesitant to respond if they feel like it’s too much work or takes too long. Make sure your pitch is concise, clear, and direct so they can quickly decide whether or not they’re interested in what you’re offering them. You can also offer them an incentive such as money or free products if they choose to post about it on social media. This way, they’ll know exactly what will happen if they choose to say yes!

Also, when you’re reaching out to influencers, the more personal you can make it, the better. Use your own content to show them how much you know about their field of expertise. If they’re a fashion influencer, share an article you wrote on picking out the perfect dress for your body type. If they’re a fitness influencer, share an article you wrote on ways to stay healthy while traveling. If possible, find some way to relate what you’ve written to something that’s happened in their life recently. This will be more likely to grab their attention and interest them in sharing your content.

As a final tip, be persistent! Don’t give up after one or two attempts. It could take several messages before you hear back from someone who has the time and interest in what you have to say.

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