Understanding What Trust Flow is and What it Does


Understanding What Trust Flow is and What it Does

00:03 What is Trust Flow and What is its Relevance to SEO?

Trust Flow is a metric used in SEO to measure the quality of links that point to a website. The Trust Flow score ranges from 0-100, and it is determined by using two metrics: citation flow and domain authority. Citation flow is the number of total links pointing to your domain divided by the number of total backlinks you have. Domain authority, on the other hand, is a score calculated by Moz, the company that developed this metric, based on several factors, including link structure, keyword usage, and anchor text distribution.

Essentially, Trust Flow is a metric that measures how trustworthy a website is. It’s calculated by comparing the number of links to a given website with the quality of those links. The more reputable sites linking to a site, and the better those sites are themselves, the higher a site’s Trust Flow will be.

What’s more, the higher your Trust Flow score is, the more likely it is that Google will rank you higher for certain keywords. This means that if your site has a high Trust Flow score and ranks for terms related to your niche, then you’ll get more traffic from Google searches than sites with lower Trust Flow scores that are also ranking for those terms!

Now, the first and most important thing to understand is that your Trust Flow can have a major impact on how well your content performs in Google’s search results. In fact, according to Moz’s 2016 Ranking Factors survey, more than half of all respondents said the trust was the most important factor when it comes to ranking well in search engines.

So, why does trust matter so much? When you have a high Trust Flow rating, it means that people think your content is trustworthy. And if people think your content is trustworthy, they’re more likely to share it on social media or bookmark it in their browser, and those actions will help increase your site’s rankings.

However, there are other benefits as well. For example, if you have a high Trust Flow rating, you’ll be able to get more links from sites with low-quality backlinks, like directories. If you have a low Trust Flow rating, though, these types of links could actually lower your ranking because they aren’t as trusted as other types of links, like those from authoritative domains or other websites with higher authority than yours.

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