Vettted Creates Fiverr Like Freelancing Ecosystem Minus the Challenges

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00:05 Vettted Creates Fiverr Like Freelancing Ecosystem Minus the Challenges
00:16 Fiverr is a Preferred Platform for Businesses, Which Vettted Managed to Recreate
01:31 Vetted is Dedicated to Digital Marketing Experts
02:32 Freelance Marketplaces Feel Uncomfortable for Individuals Who Cannot Take Bulk Work or Provide Services at Par with the Discounted Rates That Agencies Can Offer
03:14 Marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork Charge Percentage Commissions
03:37 Vettted Doesn’t Impose Fees on Talent
04:48 Vettted Invests in Vetting Professionals
05:36 Digital Agencies, Like LinkDaddy, FOund Vettted to be Refreshingly Different
06:08 Vettted Provides Brands With More and Thorough Transparency

Fiverr has been one of the preferred platforms for businesses that want to hire freelancers. It has had great reviews all around with many business owners happy with the freedom to choose from a large pool of freelancing experts for the smallest tasks to the big projects.

As Vasco Monteiro, VP –, says, “Vettted is for businesses and brands looking to find a trusted professional to guide them and grow their digital presence via innovative and proven digital marketing practices”

Even as Vettted is growing, the marketplace is not allowing the talent pool to inflate at the cost of quality. The biggest proof is that Vettted is not meant for every talent out there—it is dedicated to digital marketing experts only! A niche marketplace, it helps business owners and project managers identify marketing experts with different types of experiences and educational qualifications for their specific requirements. Businesses can quickly identify the best fit from a curated list of growth marketing gurus, PR specialists, social media marketing enthusiasts, and search marketing professionals without wasting time in filtering data which is a common struggle across most freelancing marketplaces where every type of skill is allowed to come aboard, creating an oversupply of data. At, each talent on view comes through after a thorough screening and vetting process to ensure that only qualified and relevant digital marketing talents get to participate.

Vettted takes away such issues, not suffocating the doer with a fee. While some marketplaces can charge as much as 20% from each order’s earnings, Vettted stands apart by charging 0% in fees to the talent. Here, the freelancers get to keep 100% of their earnings—this is an entirely new dynamic in the freelancing industry that is often insensitive towards freelancers whose hard work propels the entire gig. Freelance service platforms can be restrictive, not allowing the talent to showcase its expertise. Vettted has no intention of limiting a freelancer from upselling the skills. A freelancer on Vettted can present the skills as productized services and use platform-integrated consulting calls. There is complete support to help a talent fully brand itself via mediums such as building an email list or grooming a YouTube channel and nurturing traffic for a Facebook group. While other marketplaces can present prohibitions to step beyond the highly controlled ecosystem, Vettted is more liberating, helping every skill onboard to engage more attention and market themselves.

Digital agencies, like LinkDaddy, that specialize in link building & backlink services for local and smaller businesses have found Vettted to be refreshingly different. As Tony, CEO – LinkDaddy, says, “Vettted is very different from what we have seen in freelancing marketplaces that typically suffer from an overabundance of sellers and excessive buyers. Bidding can often go awry and there is always a suspicion of pretenders and scammers. Vettted beautifully prunes aways such problems.”

Vettted is a network of pre-vetted freelance digital marketers. The goal is to connect industry-leading marketers and businesses with just a few clicks. Vettted is not just another gig marketplace, it is a high-end, results-driven digital marketing consulting and services platform. Vettted attracts the top 5% of digital marketing talent from all around the world — and it’s currently focused on SEO, Email Marketing, Paid Advertisement, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing & Management. It makes it simple to find top marketers quickly. With thoroughly vetted talent and curated services, businesses can hire a digital marketer in just a few clicks!

As a Premium Seller on Vettted, LinkDaddy is dedicated to providing our clients with quality services.
Check out our Vettted Profile by clicking the link below and learn more about what we have to offer.

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