Video for SEO – Expert Tips for Creating Explainer Videos


Video for SEO: Expert Tips for Creating Explainer Videos

00:06 Video for SEO: Expert Tips for Creating Explainer Videos
00:22 Know the Purpose of Your Explainer Video
00:52 Consider the Information You’re Going to Cover
01:12 Consider the Content
01:40 Add Keywords
01:51 Add a CTA
02:09 Follow Guidelines

One of the best ways to use video for SEO purposes is by creating explainer videos regarding your products or services.

Now, whether you’re creating an explainer video for SEO purposes or not, there are some important things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, it’s important to know the purpose of your explainer video. Will it be used to drive traffic? Encourage conversions? Or maybe just inform your audience? Once you have that figured out, it will be easier to create something that works well for your intended purpose. You should know what you want the viewer to do after watching it. If you don’t have a goal or intention with your video, then it’ll probably be hard for people to find it useful.

When thinking about how long your video needs to be, consider how much information needs to be covered. If there’s a lot of content, then a longer video may be appropriate. However, if there isn’t much information needed for people to understand what you’re trying to say, then a shorter video may make sense.

It’s also important that you consider the type of content that should be included in your explainer video. For example, if the content is educational, then it may make sense to include some statistics or other data points that support what is being said. However, if there isn’t any specific data that applies directly, then this type of thing can probably be omitted without harming the message at all, although some people might prefer having something like this available.

In addition, always make sure your script is keyword-rich, with relevant keywords appearing throughout the script and on-screen at various points while the video plays.

Don’t forget to include an action point or a call to action at the end of the video! This helps viewers understand what they should do next after watching it, and it can also help improve SEO rankings once people start sharing it around social media networks like Facebook or Twitter.

An important thing to remember is to make sure that your video is following the right guidelines for SEO and marketing. For example, if you’re trying to rank higher on Google, then don’t use more than one keyword in your video title because that will count against you.

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